We are massage therapists, doctors, sports paramedics, physical trainers, top level athletes and parents and we love what we do. Each one of us has contributed our own knowledge, vision, sensitivity, experiences and research to help you discover the best feelings on our Waff Products.

We are convinced of the positive contribution to all ages of practicing sports and of the need for relaxation for physical and mental health.


Designed for any body type and any age, the structure of each Waff was created with 3D technology to benefit human anatomy. The technology implemented by the Waff® brand, as well as the quality of materials used contribute to the overall wellness experience. What we say reflects reality.

We are dedicated to good health and to improved well-being and are mindful of establishing lasting relationships with our suppliers, partners, service providers and customers.


Waff® is a brand for the 21st century dedicated to advanced well being. Our industrial processes fully incorporate environmental standards and apply the Kyoto protocol. We are extending every effort to obtain better quality in the environment.

Our Classic collection is BPA free as well as our Elite collection is Eco-Friendly and Recyclable.