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Using a Waff® Pro allows for greater reactivity, and greater use of muscles that is better coordinated with emmovents. The Waff® Pro is a partner to athletes in all their workouts; it is lightweight, easy to inflate and designed for intensive use.The Waff® Pro can be used to work all parts of the body and makes optimal use of the muscle chain. A genuine proprioceptive challenge lies in physical and muscle training, balance and muscle strengthening activities. The exercises are varied, and both shorter and more efficient.

The Waff® Pro is a mediator for physical exercises directed by sports or by medical and paramedical professionals. Additional potential of the brand Sport, Health and Wellness are all legitimate values. The brand’s products possess a wide range of possibilities for use in attaining physical well-being that focuses on medical principles and recommendations.

Eco design - Waff® Pro preserves the earth’s precious natural resources. Waff® products are made from a polyurethane base, an organic molecule that is beneficial to both users and the environment. In this way, the company contributes to developing a genuine win-win product.