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The Waff® Mini is an ergonomic and body-focused designed cushion with benefits recognized by both the medical and sport industries. Whatever your activity, proper support is essential to good balance. The Waff® is a controlled imbalance or unsteadiness. It makes it possible to work all parts of the body and involves every muscle chain optimally and safely without overuse or strain.

A Waff® is designed for everyone from infants to seniors to be used for everything from muscle strengthening, stretching, and cardio-muscular training; to improving posture, coordination, and stamina, all while promoting recovery and relaxation.

Wellness - The Waff® reduces tension and makes it possible to exclusively focus on your exercise and meditation. You are able to do shorter and more efficient exercises at a controlled pace. The sensations felt from use of a Waff® are immediate and effective for every user.

Physical training - The elite series is made in polyurethane, which adds depth and precision to the internal sensations, as well as elasticity. It is more enveloping for an absolute ergonomics. Being transparent, it fits in well in any environment or context. The material takes on a patina with use and a yellowish color over time and when exposed to the sun.

Sport, Health and Wellness are all legitimate values. The brand’s products possess a wide range of possibilities for use in attaining physical well-being that focuses on medical principles and recommendations.

Eco design - Waff® Elite preserves the earth’s precious natural resources. Waff® products are made from a polyurethane base, an organic molecule that is beneficial to both users and the environment. In this way, the company contributes to developing a genuine win-win product.