A real break after the rush.

Waff brand promote the education for relaxation and "letting go" by an non invasive method. Feel good about yourself, feel good with others and everyone wins.

Relaxation increases well-being and should have its rightful place next to the work and performance levels. These sensations of relaxation and release participate in achieving well-being and tend to improve lives.

Relaxation is a vital principle that is difficult to define and assess. In all living systems there is a mixture of high and low activity, a transfer from work effort to relaxation. Each person must evaluate their own level of relaxation; it's a matter of self-awareness.

Waff is an ergonomic product designed to accompany the body, and whose therapeutic properties are recognized by the medical and sports worlds.

The main benefits obtained from a Waff max session (20 minutes) are :

A complete sensation of wellbeing
Full neuromuscular release
Better quality sleep.