Relieving back pain.

The development of technologies has made the seating the most common postures of work. Whether you're driving, in the office, at the table from morning to night, most of us spend most of our time sitting. When we sit the pelvis is blocked. The immobility of the pelvis produces stresses then transmitted to the overlying vertebrae. Sitting causes the lombo-pelvi-femoral complex to roll and places the lumbar spine in flexion, thus in a situation of weakness in the face of constraints.

Our lifestyles these days are increasingly sedentary, creating a loss of muscle tone, postural muscle deconditioning and superficial breathing. The body gets tired faster and increases the phenomena of compensation and involuntary movements, sources of pains or injuries.

Adding a WAFF to your chair promotes the strengthening of postural muscles (para vertebral, abdominal girdle, pelvic floor), Waff becomes your ally to support your posture

The waff mini, half inflated makes it possible to mobilize the pelvis in anteversion and in small circular rotation and to avoid the compacted attitudes and kyphosis. The use of waff mini gives a slight instability and produces an improvement in the trunk cladding and the position of the subjects in the space, it improves the endurance of the trunk muscles, the erectors of the spine, the flexors of the trunk and That of the overall abdominal strap.

W mini is a reactive setting and induces an improvement of the trunk cladding and the position of the subjects in space. W mini ensures better posture, and permanently corrects the person's "plate" by gently forcing him to straighten and use his muscles to do so.

W mini will also pass periodically in the lower back of the user to relieve the lumbar and release the breathing capacity, thus reducing tension in the neck and upper back.

With the Waff Max you fully enjoy its relaxing and analgesic benefits on the lower back pains as well as its drainage massage effect on the legs.