The Waff makes my whole body work intensely.

Its infinite variety of use allows you to explore and control all sports movements and gestures thoroughly combining pleasure with efficiency of movement.

One of Waff's special attributes is the reducing of tension while concentrating exclusively on the exercises being performed. Movements can be done in 3D to intensify sensations. The exercises are varied, and both shorter and more efficient. The sensations experienced are instantaneous, regardless of the age, shape, physical level or pathology of the user.

You can Waff as you choose, from practicing top level sports to maintaining good health, from relaxation to resting. The Waff is a product for everybody that introduces stability and mobility. The Waff can be used to work all parts of the body and makes optimal use of the muscle chain, without overtaxing joints or involving excess weight.

The Waff develops physical qualities such as coordination, cardio-muscular training, stamina, increased muscle mass, proprioception and muscle work-out and strengthening. The Waff is an excellent fitness product, combining a recreational aspect with all the qualities of working out muscles, both furnishing a secure environment to work in and eliminating pressure points that can generate disorders or pain.