Physical training

Whatever your objective (keeping fit, global conditioning, gentle workout, balance, muscular development and strengthening, tone, explosive strength, speed of reaction, proprioception, power, movement control, increased body scheme awareness) and whatever its size, a Waff makes you model your shape, develop your muscles, educate or reeducate your muscular chains, all this smoothly and with no stress. Being nice and cosy, a Waff will also help you let go and recover.


Moving is neither a learning nor a teaching subject. A Waff makes people focus on themselves by allowing them to explore new internal sensations.

Ralph Hippolyte

The human being is permanently seeking equilibrium both in his life and his body. Each therapist tries to restore, maintain or improve this equilibrium, this homeostasis. Its shape and springiness make the Waff the ideal interface or running board for good health. Whether as a remedy or in prevention waff standing, sitting or lying and you will generate a new stability in yourself.


Maxime Verbert

Waff is about Performance training and Fun When you start using Waff you won’t be able to do without it. Waffrevolutionizes today’s training. Each of my athletes has integrated Waff became part of my athlete day to daywork-out to improve Balance control, posture, core training, strength and recovery. Elite trainers will enjoy the materiel the quality and the easy-pump and easy-go.


Fabrice Gautier

Movement is a health contributor and on a Waff you must move accurately, that's why it is a multidimensional promoter of your body's health and performance. While using a Waff, whether it is to activate your muscular chains, or to relax, to optimize your coordination, your mobility, your stability, the sensation is sincerely unique. It is both revealing, accelerating, transmitting, it allows you to discover ou re-discover your senses. Be it in your personal life or in your professional activity, you will not be able to do without it. Waff truly revolutionizes our approach of body, movement, wellness and health.

Olivier Pauly

Listening to one's body for a better insight and relieve one's mind. I particularly appreciate the workout proposed by Waff Focusing on one's body, muscles, joints and observe the muscle contraction to break the imbalance and search stability. Getting in the zone for optimal meditation or neuromuscular relaxation phases. The Waff proposes workouts while the mind uses it at its discretion.

Julien Henaff

Waff Training


Whether as a remedy or in prevention, a Waff has a wide spectrum of use and guides you through the discovery of deeply beneficial internal sensations.

Waffstudios offer sessions and discovery courses suitable for all audiences from kids to parents and grand-parents.

Some training sessions are designed and dedicated to professionals in the sport field in order to help them leverage the broad spectrum of the Waff Max, Medium and Mini


Various medical services in clinics or hospitals use the Waffs. We offer specific training sessions designed for medical and health care staffs.

The various themes covered are supervised by a professor or a specialized doctor.

Each training session lasts two days. 


Fun and communication-friendly, Waffs are well-being and wellness objects in a broad sense.

They are extremely efficient. Their spectrum of use is wide and they can be used by anybody as a remedy or in prevention: from relaxation, massage, global or specific joint workout to proprioception and muscular care.

Short sessions simply provide a real well-being feeling and are well suited to kids, pregnant women, athletes and elderly people.